Meeting fellow travellers #3: Julien Moretto

So, last week, we met Adoki and you guys showed him a lot of love. I had readers as far afield as Singapore and Australia hitting that post, so here’s another.

Julien was one of the musicians I met in Uzes last year – the musicians who were pivotal in my decision to head to India, so its only fitting that I feature him next. He’ll also be out in Goa for the season and it’ll be so nice to catch up! I’m hoping to get his bandmate on for a joint Q & A soon…but for now:

Capture d’écran 2014-09-30 à 09.32.25

Who is Julien?
I’m a musician from France and I started playing jazz/improvisation at 9 years old. I quit school when I was 15 because, for me, it wasn’t interesting. At 16, I made my first voyage to Africa for 4 months and then when I came of age, I went to India. I lived in Varanasi for 5 years where I studied classical Indian violin. I also developed a passion for alternative jewelry related to esoteric science. I design custom jewelry for people and what they need.


Tell me a bit about your music and what inspires you
I play a mixture of Indian and improvised music which is very appreciative of L. Shankar and L.Subramaniam. I believe we’re in an age where music no longer has borders and is accessible for everyone.

Capture decran 2014-09-14 a 11.46.57

What was your ‘aha’ moment? (i.e. the moment you decided you wanted to hit the road)
When I was a teenager, I saw a documentary about Varanasi (Benares) and I think that was my ‘aha’ moment! It spoke about the River Ganges and sadhus (holy people) in this spiritual city where people go to ‘cleanse their karma’. A city where grand masters of Indian music lived and where the art was very appreciated and well developed.

Where’ve you been so far?
I’ve been to Africa, India, Bali, Taiwan and Europe.

What’s the best thing about being a travelling musician?
Well, it’s a real means of communication, a way to connect with people. There can be a language barrier with people but music is a language people of all ages and origins across the world can understand.

And what’s the worst thing about being a travelling musician?
It’s always too busy!

Where are you planning to go next?
I spend every winter in East Asia/India, but if I have the opportunity I’d love to discover Laos and Burma.

What are your top 3 tips/advice for anyone considering travelling?

  1. Always follow your intuition
  2. Try forget your old ‘shemas’, or habits and conditioning
  3. Be in the moment!

Big thanks to Julien for featuring on the blog. Julien, je te vois à Goa!!

You can connect with Julien and check out his music and jewelry here:

Jewelry: Etsy | Facebook – Shift Of Elements

Music: | Facebook – Julien Moretto Violinste | YouTube |  SoundCloud | Bandcamp

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