OMG news – I’ve found myself a literary agent!

OMG is about right! Somehow, I’ve managed to find myself an agent, or, rather they found me. After trying to do it the traditional way and failing, there is a hint of irony that I can’t ignore now.

One of the most consistent types of feedback that I got about Together Apart when I was submitting to agents was that I was a year too late. If I’d have submitted beforehand, it’d be fine, but now there were too many people in my genre or they had stronger titles on their books. It was a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they were saying the book was good enough that they’d have taken it on but, on the other hand, it wasn’t quite there yet. So, I gave up, put my MS in a virtual filing system and then did nothing with it until I decided to self-publish.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been lucky enough that Together Apart has sold well – way over and above what I’d have ever imagined was possible – and I suppose it’s no surprise or secret that there are people who will be watching what is selling well from the self-published file to snap them up. This was what happened to me, when I got an email through this website asking about the book. What followed was a frenzied few days when I thought my head would fall off with the weight of decisions to make.

I met with my agent, who turned out to one of the big players in the game and talked about my book, about me, about his strategy – and this happened within less than a week of them contacting me. After that, I had direct contact from others, enough that it was starting to get confusing about who to choose, who would have my best interests in mind, my career, etc etc. In the end, I went with Jon Elek over at United Agents, the ones who contacted me in the first place.

This all happened weeks ago, but the cautious person inside me says I didn’t want to share it in case anything went wrong but now I’m thinking well, who cares? I mean, I do, obviously, but who cares if something goes wrong. I keep needing to remind myself that getting this far – selling the books I’ve sold, finding an agent – doesn’t happen to people every day! It’s something special, and I shouldn’t feel worried about sharing it.

So yeah. That’s my news.





  1. Hi, Natalie. Just caught your blog while looking up about self-publishing. I loved your story on how you reached your goal by doing just that. I myself am thinking of going down that road as I am so determined to become a writer. I have written my story, and have learned about self-publishing and found some great articles, but would love any tips on how you went about promoting your story to make it so successful on Amazon. You are welcome to add any other advice for me; it would be so appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

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