You Are Sovereign

image via Unsplash

Candles flicker on the ground beside me and the sweet scent of incense fills the air. Music stirs through the speaker and in my cocooned space, my body begins to move. The delicate fabric of my trousers swishes across my legs as I unfurl from the rug beneath me. On the screen in front of me, women from four different corners of Europe move with me. Tentatively at first. Slowly, softly. With each movement, fearlessness sets in as we find freedom in self-expression. Remembering the deep intelligence and wisdom the body holds as we move in the way it asks. Empowered by the truths we’ve shared. Releasing the little deaths of fear, shame, judgement and self-doubt.

Last Saturday, I gave the first Sovereign Workshop. Intuitive movement, journalling and meditation – this was the workshop I’d birthed to inspire other women to empower themselves. And for my own empowerment too. I’d asked for my own deep remembrance to happen. To remember the raw, wild, sensual and wise woman hidden inside. I know know that this is how I do it. By lifting myself I lift others, and by lifting others I lift myself. Discovering our essence together. The good, the bad. The calm, the raw. Finding the depth and complexity of our inner reals and embracing it all.

Claiming our sovereignty.

The truth is, you can spend all the money on all the programs, coaching, educations and teachings in the world. But until you really allow yourself to listen to your own wisdom, it will never get as deep as you want it to go. We are so much more intelligent and wise than we let ourselves believe.

We all have this power inside of us. I do. And so do you. How often do you stop and listen to the whisperings of your soul. Your intuition.

Your body will tell you all you need to know. You just have to be brave enough to hear it.

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