Hey, lovely. I’m Nat – a yoga teacher and bestselling author with a passion for self-development and self-empowerment, based in Bavaria, Germany.

About Nat

I’m an English yoga teacher and writer with a passion for self-development and self-care.

When my decade long relationship ended, I quit my corporate job and bought a one-way ticket to India. The magic of India transformed my life, leading me to complete my first yoga teacher training and fulfil my dream of becoming a best-selling contemporary women’s fiction author. I write about life, love and friendship, with characters who could very well be your best friend, sister or cousin.

My trip to India also introduced me to my partner. After travelling together, we settled in his home city of Ulm in Southern Germany. Yoga really came into its own for me when my partner suffered a burnout and I quickly realised that I needed support too. The classes I went to provided a safe space for me to simply be, to shake off stress, cry away doubts and leave feeling refilled. And that’s what I love to offer my students. I absolutely love empowering people take time out for themselves so they can stand in their own power and live their lives in a much more balanced way.

I teach Hatha Flow, Yin, guide yoga nidra and hold women’s circles online and in the Bavaria/Baden-Württemberg areas of southern Germany. I believe in empowerment through movement and self-discovery, and my goal is to help people do that while creating an inner sanctuary of calm and stability. I teach in group, corporate and one-on-one settings both in person and online.

For me, yoga is a way of stripping away the upbringing we’ve had, the circumstances we’re presently in or the idea of who we want to be, so that we can see who we really are. It’s a place where we can experience inner strength, resilience, balance and freedom. And that’s empowering.