Whew! Self-pubbing is hard work! The uploading of the book to Amazon, the promo – and I’m already learning heaps along the way. As an example, I’ve only just worked out how to gift my book, or that I have to have a separate Author Central account for .com and .co.uk. The self-promo can be ruthlessly hard, but it seems to be working. Copies are shifting and I’d always said I’d be happy if I ever sold just one, so it’s happy days.

And of course, now Together Apart is done, I can get started on the next one, and you can be sure I’m putting the experiences I’ve had here in Goa into it. I’m excited at what’s going to come next!


So, to celebrate Together Apart being out for almost one week, I’m giving away a free kindle copy!

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Good luck!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited! Finally, my book, Together Apart, will be out into the world from 18th February 2014. I have a shiny, fabulous book cover that I can share with you all!


It’s been 6 years in the making, but now the T’s have been crossed and the I’s dotted. What started on a beach in Santorini has finished in a coffee shop in Goa with a lot of tear, heartbreak, frustration and hair pulling in between. This calls for a celebration – I think I’ll have a glass of wine on the balcony – living the life!

Cover designed by the fabulous Naj, at http://najlaqamberdesigns.com/