Casting Call!

Things are well underway with Heart Shaped Bruise (working title) – book number two. It’s been an interesting journey so far. It actually started out as a story with just one main character and I’d clocked up 50k words on it…until I had a brainwave which went something along the lines of ‘Oh, I know! Why don’t I scrap it all and start again!’ Only to then revert back to the original plan. Sigh. I don’t make things easy for myself now, do I? I have to say though, I’m loving this new version and I love this photo, which sums it up so far:


As usual, it means lots of research, some of which is huge amounts of fun and some of which is horrifically humbling, inspiring and scary. And, I need some help. If you or anyone you know has ever been a victim and/or perpetrator of domestic violence, then please get in touch.

Pretty heavy huh? Well, yes. That’s because I like to write about real things, issues that affect people everyday, and I want to do them justice by portraying them well. So any help would be hugely, massively, enormously appreciated! It goes without saying that any info given would be strictly confidential and changed in a way to make it non-obvious as to identities and such in the book.

Thanks guys, and have an awesome week!

I need your help!!!


Writing is awesome. You can make people do what you want, when you want and how you want. There are literally thousands of opportunities. But, with the endless choice comes endless indecision, and for me, it’s character names. How on earth are you supposed to choose?

So, I’m asking for help. I need suggestions for a character name in my new book – female, aged 25. At the moment I’m making her British, but if I get a foreign name that I fall in love with, I can change it.

As a reward, I’ll give you an acknowledgment in my credits.

So, any suggestions?