Love You Better is out!

Almost! It’s been made available on Kindle First – a kind of book club for Amazon Prime members. If you have Prime, you can download and read Love You Better for FREE for the month of September, and if you’re not a member then you can always join up!

Kindle Unlimited readers and everyone else will still be able to read it from 1st October 2015, but I must admit, I’m a bit nervous/excited/scared to see what this first release will be like. It’s already at number 4 in the UK chart, but I hope everyone actually enjoys it!

Just as a reminder, here’s what it’s about!

LYB Blurb

Falling in love while travelling – Part Two

Eeeeek! That’s it! Wanderlust is finally out, just in time to download to your Kindle for some holiday reading. I mean, who doesn’t love a good holiday romance? The accelerated getting-to-know-you process, spending magical moments together, heartbreaking goodbyes and never knowing if you’ll see each other again. *sigh* It’s my firm belief that everyone should have at least one and whether you have or you haven’t, you can join Alex and Selina on the beautiful island of Ibiza by downloading it here. Even better, it’s only 99c/99p for tomorrow only!


In other news, my very own Alex (even though he is fictional) and I are on a road trip! Our sense of Wanderlust continues. So far, we’ve visited Zurich and Marseille, and are currently in Uzes, the place that sparked my travel bug and is the inspiration for Colinas Verde in Wanderlust. Afterwards, we’re heading to Spain, back through France to England and then back to Germany. 

You can follow our trip on Instagram @scribblywanderer 


Exclusive Title Reveal!

So, one of the cool things about being published with Amazon’s Lake Union is the retention of control over certain aspects of my book. I know some authors who’ve had to accept titles they weren’t keen on, but I’m super happy with mine. And I can now shout about it. What was Heart Shaped Bruise is now…

Title reveal

Love You Better. I heart it. What do you think?

Under Pressure


This is me. No doubt about it. And, with my publishing contract came deadlines, and the re-write for Together Apart. In all fairness, it wasn’t loads. I’ve added a few new scenes and tidied things up a little, but the deadlines were fairly tight – and it probably felt even more so because of me being almost on the other side of the world in one of the most chilled out places imaginable.

Instead of doing a little bit each day, I left it until the day before the deadline for me to send the edits back. They weren’t problematic, or exceptionally difficult, and I thought I’d be able to handle that in no time at all. Except, it it wasn’t that easy. If you haven’t read Together Apart, it’s about a break-up. A fairly messy one at that, and when I wrote the majority of it, I was breaking up from a very long term relationship. I’m so far away from that now and I didn’t bank on how hard it would be to put myself back into that headspace.

My editor, the lovely Sophie, was asking for more emotion here, more reaction there, and it was an uphill struggle to put myself back into that place of heartbreak and uncertainty. I knew as soon as I started writing it that I should have left myself more time. In the end, the changes were made and Sophie loved them, and now, Together Apart is well and truly done and dusted. I’ve had a few days to recharge before the imminent arrival of the edits for Heart Shaped Bruise come into my inbox and this time I won’t make the same mistake. The truth is, Heart Shaped Bruise as it stands is fresh out of my mind, and I’m expecting MAJOR rewirtes to be done.

I bumped into a friend yesterday who’s a freelance photographer, and we were talking about the balance between socialising and enjoying life, and knuckling down to work. And, actually, I think the move from being a self-published author to having to deal with deadlines etc imposed by someone else will work so much better for me. I’ve always worked better with a bit of applied pressure, and the truth is, if you’re self-publishing, you have to be super disciplined to stick to your own deadlines. There’s far too much slippage in there for me.

Yeah, it meant sitting in front of the computer for nine hours straight on New Years Eve and almost making myself cross eyed, but it was totally worth it. Pressure?

Bring it!