Happy Birthday and a cover reveal!

So the lovely folk at WordPress reminded me this morning that my website is three years old today! How is that even possible? Maybe this is what parents mean when they say time goes so quickly. I remember when I first started, I was worried nobody would even find the site and now, I’ve got over 2,000 followers – totally cray-cray!

To make the day even more special, Becca’s Books, kindly did a cover reveal this morning, for Wanderlust. It’ll be released this summer and is book 2 of the Pull series. I cannot WAIT for this one 🙂


When Selina gets dumped in a viral YouTube video, there’s only one thing she can do: withdraw her savings, quit her temping job and leave. Vowing never to fall for guys like her ex again, she swaps London for Ibiza and finds herself volunteering in Colinas Verde. With its alternative, relaxed lifestyle, sunny skies and deep blue sea, it’s the perfect place to start her backpacking adventure and forget the humiliation she left behind. If only it weren’t for Alex.

Berlin born Alex is travelling solo, and with good reason. In the wake of a promising rock climbing career cut short due to injury, he’s left a trail of disappointment and broken hearts behind him. Determined not to make the same mistakes again, he opted to volunteer in sleepy Colinas Verde over hedonistic Southern Ibiza and with only one week left, it was a choice that paid off, until Selina showed up.

New housemates Selina and Alex are both determined to change, but in a place where people come and go and relationships are intense, old habits die hard.

Two backpackers. One week. What happens in Ibiza…

Hola and Bonjour!

So, after my frankly depressing post last week, things have taken a slight turn. I’ve just booked a series of tickets for 8 days away in a little over a week’s time and I’m beyond excited. I can already feel my itchy feet returning. Here’s the plan:

Leg One

Fly to Murcia to visit my BFF who moved out there in April. I haven’t seen her since she joined me in Goa for her birthday in February, so it’ll be awesome to catch up. There’s also a week long fiesta happening in her village, so it’ll be time to partay!

Leg Two

Grab a train and head north to Madrid. There, I’ll be meeting up with a friend I met in Chiang Mai. He’s off to Indonesia in early September and then making his way to Thailand again, and since I’d been toying with the idea of seeing Bali, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to get some inspiration. There’s nothing like being with someone who’s about to head off backpacking to plant ideas in your head!

Leg Three

Fly to Marseille, grab a train to Nimes and then a bus to Uzes, my favourite little French haven. I’ll spend a few days there with Sylvie, the fab host I stayed with a year ago. I’m hoping being there will give me time to rest a bit and re-evaluate things. I’ll also be meeting up with the musicians who inspired me to backpack in the first place and one of them is off to Mali soon.

Leg Four

Fly home and book a ticket somewhere else (I hope).

I’m so, so excited, and the grand total of all those flights and trains? Approximately £140 – how cheap is that? It’s a great, sunny day here today and I’m feeling massively optimistic. I can feel my shoulders asking for the load of a backpack……

Festival Winning!

Ok, so it looks like my next trip abroad won’t be for Vipassana, but it’ll still be in Spain. I won tickets on Xfm to the Benicassim Festival – OMG. I’ve wanted to go for a good couple of years but never got round to it. Now, I will. Squeal.

So, I know it’s not exactly a ‘travel’ post, but I will be travelling to my destination by flight. And, I need help. What does one take festivalling? I have no idea whatsoever and I think I need more than just a bikini. It’s festival season now, with Glastonbury kicking off as we speak, and it seems that everywhere I look, people are buying tents, sun loungers and cool boxes. I must admit, while I entered the competition,  I was in no way prepared to actually win the bloody thing and since I’m trying to save for my next trip, I really don’t want to spending heaps on things I don’t need.

Glamping I most definitely will not be. Well, I’d like to but let’s face it, it’d cost way too much. But, then again, I don’t want to do this either.


I really don’t wanna end up like that!

Any ideas? Have any of you been to Beni before?