Hitting the streets

So, I’d heard of street teams before but never really knew what they were until a couple of weeks ago. I’ve done a bit of research into them and I have to admit, I’m starting to like the idea. It’s more than just a fan club, it’s a way to be a bit more interactive with fans and do some cool stuff. Except, there’s a little part of me that thinks – what if nobody signs up?

Talk about embarrassing.

Heart Shaped Bruise is engaging Wattpadders, to the extent that they’re eagerly awaiting new installments and I think that’s probably because it’s a bit more New Adult than Together Apart was. Not to mention, because of Smith *swoon*. But still.

And then I’ve got to come up with a name. Hmm. But it would be beyond cool. I’ve already got ideas about swag and having engaging fans is a massive motivator, if a bit scary. The fact is though, it’s not like the old days when you’d just get a boring newsletter every so often, fans expect more. They expect interaction and they’re happy and willing to shout about great books.

So. Latest addition to my to-do list:

Start a Street Team.

Name suggestions are more than welcome!

Breaking through the wall

This week, I’ve been mostly getting on with Heart Shaped Bruise. I’ve eaten it, I’ve drunk it, I’ve slept it. I’ve written the opening chapters and then, after some good feedback, re-written it. 16k words – not too shabby so far. And, I’m really, REALLY enjoying it. But, I can feel something coming….I don’t know about anyone else, but I sometimes hit a wall where I just think – what is this? Am I writing complete and utter balls? I’ve had that about Heart Shaped Bruise before, and Together Apart. Maybe it’s perfectly normal to do so, but now, I’ve put it up on Wattpad and my nails are being bitten down in anticipation.

Heart Shaped Bruise is definitely more New Adult that Together Apart was. It’s sexier, it’s sharper. And Wattpad is a great, or not, place to get feedback on something, especially if it’s New Adult. But therein lies my problem. What if its complete poo? What then? I feel like I’m about to start a new job, wondering if anyone will like me.


Will this ever go away, I wonder? Like, if I write five books, and they’re well received (I’m not talking about global runaway sellers here), will I stop worrying about whether it’s all faff?

Answers on a postcard….